Top 5 Tips for Engaging the Next Generation of Charitable Givers

Top 5 Tips for Engaging the Next Generation of Charitable Givers

The next generation of charitable givers are global, social, visual and technological. They are constantly logged-in and linked-up, and have influence far greater than any other generation has seen. They are the early adopters, the brand influencers, the social media drivers, the pop-culture leaders, and, they don’t just represent the future, they are creating it.

In order to understand societal trends, respond to the changes, and thrive in disruption, it is essential that not-for-profit organisations understand or, moreover, empathise with these next generations and learn how to involve them. And we think the best place to start is the results of our 2015 Australian Community Trends study of the not-for-profit sector, a collaboration between McCrindle and R2L. McCrindle has discerned 5 top tips for engaging the next generation of charitable givers.

1. Developing trust is key

The Australian Community Trends report in 2015 found that trust is key to engaging with the next generation of donors. Potential supporters need to trust the organisation and believe in the work they are doing before they will open up their wallets to donate.

2. Utilise peer to peer fundraising

Generations Y and Z respond well to peer to peer fundraising campaigns. This could include sponsoring a friend in a fun run or giving through a specific landing webpage tailored to the fundraising efforts of a friend or family member. Equipping existing supporters to engage with their own networks is key to connecting with potential supporters.

3. Focus on the relationship, not the transaction

To engage charitable givers with an organisation, those in Gen Y and Z appreciate a giving relationship rather than giving that focuses on transactions. This could include engaging with supporters through social media, in a non-invasive way that still builds the relationship. Thanking supporters for their donation is also key to having an ongoing relationship with them.

4. Be upfront about financial costs

Due to the media exposing charities that have not been transparent with their finances, charitable givers are becoming savvier and concerned about where their money is going. Charities that provide regular communication and measurable results of where donations are going and what is being achieved through them will be preferred by the next generation of charitable givers.

5. Offer flexible giving options

The ACT report in 2015 found that Australians are moving more from regular to sporadic giving and are moving away from giving with a longer term commitment in favour of giving when it suits them or when they have a bit of extra money in their budget. Providing a number of options of how to give is key to engage current supporters.

Australian Community Trends Study 

The ACT study is a national longitudinal study, conducted annually, providing detailed analyses of the effectiveness, engagement and awareness of the not-for profit sector. It continues to help organisations understand the Australian community – the emerging trends, the giving landscape, and the current and emerging supporter segments. The Australian Community Trends Report delivers a clear analysis of the social context in which the not-for-profit sector is operating.

If you are a not-for-profit organisation, we invite you become apart of this empowering comprehensive study of the sector, conducted by McCrindle and R2L. If you'd like to know more, please visit the Australian Community Trends website.