Building a foundation to last

Generosity and loyalty of your supporter base ensures the longevity of your organisation.

The development of relationships and the understanding of your customer base, are key elements in converting haphazard supporters into sustainable, reliable financial partners. 

Working towards a community of support and understanding a donors need for more than just a reason to give, is essential.

eveloping key messages based on the identification of your supporters’ values and beliefs, ensures your communications are highly effective and successful.

R2L will identify the most lucrative streams within your donor base and create sustainable fundraising.

5 Loaves, 2 Fish

FEBC launches a new and exciting regular giving product.

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Award Winning Campaign

R2L’s partnership with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) culminated in the award winning campaign Jerrycans of Fuel for Father’s Day. Account Director, Felicity Langton was at the Fundraising Institute of Australia’s Gala Awards ceremony representing both organisations.

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