Thinking for tomorrow ....planning today

In a time of unprecedented change at all levels of society, when fear of the future drives uncertainty, when in a day we are forced to make instant decisions based on inadequate information and the amount of information itself is staggering –

  • How do we provide leadership within the social sector (NFP sector)? 
  • How do we know and understand our key audiences? 
  • How do we see our organisation from the perspective of our audience? 
  • How do we maintain long term relevance?   

R2L has SEVEN key ideas to guide you through these uncertain times

1. Speak to your context
Understand your organisation’s key client segments and their values, knowledge and concerns.

2. Be seen and known
Position your organisation to be recognised as thought-leaders, influencers, and innovators.

3. Inspire and engage
Provide a positive experience for donors, clients and beneficiaries so that they not only feel part of your organisation, but part of the issue that your organisation supports.

4. Finesse, fine-tune and focus
Focus on the important messages and discard what is not essential.

5. Communicate the need, and plan for the long-term
Finance the future, don’t just fundraise for the now but set up the financial future of your organisation.

6. Act as a leader
Lead not only your team, but your cause and your stakeholder community.

7. Be the agent of change
Be accountable and demonstrate the change that your organisation is making.