R2L Services

      Strategy development

      • Builds on vision, mission and values
      • Informed by business plan, brand position and organisation objectives
      • Integrate marketing, fundraising and communication plans
      • Supporter, donor, client and beneficiary focus


      Product development

      • Single gifts, regular giving streams
      • Emergency appeals



      • Current and potential supporters
      • Campaigns and appeals
      • Bequests
      • Events
      • Trusts and Foundations


      Relationship building

      • Relevant to life stage of donor or client
      • Responsive to audience needs
      • Build a community of active supporters
      • Create engagement through empathy and understanding



      • Appeals to heart and head
      • Compelling messages, multi-channel approach
      • Engaging stories and images
      • Design that evokes a response
      • Focus on audience segments


      Research and Evaluation

      • Evaluate strategies and campaigns
      • Test concepts and ideas
      • Seek and understand audience insights